TRANSITion is a student group that advocates for better transportation options to De Anza College, including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT); a faster, frequent, and reliable form of public transportation.

BRT emulates the best features of light rail providing a faster, more reliable, and more convenient ride. VTA is proposing to bring BRT to our valley’s busiest bus corridors – the 22 and 23 lines – within just a few years.After we implemented the eco-pass at De Anza, ridership skyrocketed, especially on the 23 line. However, revolutionizing transit service in the South Bay won’t happen without support, especially the that of students

In order for BRT to be successful, De Anza needs to implement a new Transit Center so student can safely and easily access campus and transit!

English: A Line 23 bus operated by the Santa C...

English: A Line 23 bus operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, arriving at the end of the line at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our goal is to provide viable alternatives to cars so more students canget an education without wasting time on slow bus service or stuck in stressful traffic.

We are a part of De Anza’s Institute of Community and Civic Engagement and TransForm, a state-wide coalition focused on “create world-class public transportation and walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond.”


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